Established in 2016

M&S Medica Supplies Sdn Bhd (1212294-H) is a GDPMD certified
company located at No 9, Jalan Gemilang 11, Taman Perindustrian
Cemerlang, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia

M&S Medica has operated for more than 7 years since it was
established in 2016. M&S Medica currently has nine (9) acknowledge
suppliers which are Plan1Health, Ace Medical Co. LTD, S&S Med Co
LTD, TWSC Corporation, BNR Co. Ltd, Ideal Healthcare Sdn Bhd,
Ningbo David Medical Device Co. Ltd, Lepu Medical Technology
(Beijing) Co. Ltd and Cardinal Health.

M&S Medica Supplies Sdn Bhd is an independent distributor of
leading and quality innovative products for both surgical and medical
devices that aims to benefits to patient, allied healthcare and
caretakers. The company is leading by an individual with more than
15 years of experienced in both pharmaceuticals and medical


We, part of Medica & Surgical’s family will strive passionately and be competent to provide professional and trustworthy service to healthcare provider, patient and care taker.


We will work passionately and skillfully as a member of the Medica & Surgical family to deliver reputable, professional service to medical professionals, patients, and caretakers.

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